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Energy saving software conform to international standard IPMVP in energy management please see video here.


Cloud-LED is continuously providing best performance and value products to our customer in energy saving.  


- Energy saving in a building: Evaluate the energy saving opportunity on your target building. To start with, you could use Energy Grader here to project the possible saving opportunity and no matter your company is multi-building and multi-location, it could implement to actualize it. An energy report sample is here. If you send your Energy Grader Report to us, we could generate a proposal to your corporation on how to actualize the real savings. will generate a report to you if you want to go to next step, send us your Energy Grader report and we could go over it to give your suggestions. Cloud-LED Hong Kong got the solution for you. Thank you!


- Resources optimization in vehicle management: Drop us a note on the number of the vehicle in target fleet management. We provide secure and easy-to-use cloud-based management web portal. Visibility into a vehicle, asset location, and movement. Real-time vehicle status and live message alerts. Advanced vehicle reports. Let us know you will install a mobile router to all vehicle by your own staff or by our service. Any special need for maintenance. The web portal provides main features for vehicle management, if you need a special feature, please also let us know in an early stage, e.g. for example, you need every truck's tire air pressure send to your control center. Let us know and will put it into an integrated system web portal. 


- Resources facilitation by the technology of Light as a Service (LaaS): Tell us your target location to use LaaS, for example, a ware house, install lamp embedded with LaaS will assist the efficient on identifing the target good location to optimize time use, another example is a server and data center could use lamp embedded with LaaS to remind the potential hazard in the server system, simply a sever hard disk already goto its final 72 hours life and a blinking lamp on the specific location reminding the I.T. engineer precisely replace the problematic hard disk will save the possibility of disaster comes if he does not ignore this reminding service.  



How project start: For all energy saving project in a shop, there will be a site visit to arrange where and when will energy meters install, on which circuit, once all install completed, all 24/7 energy data captured every 15 minutes will automatically save in a secure data center. By analysis your energy profile of each shop, from the report, you could identify the energy save opportunity, at the beginning you may simply change the energy use behavior will get 20%+ energy saving!


If you wanted to involve in design the energy meter selection, please click here to evaluate(100+ Articles). If the customer prefers to install energy meter by themselves, Cloud-LED could remotely connect all energy meters in multi-shop and multi-location and transfer the connection password to your I.T. manager. Your I.T. or engineering professionals could manage to add apps depends on your need, for example, the target building generates solar power, just install the solar management apps in your cloud-based energy manager login, you may clearly see the amount of solar power that generates. There are seamless energy apps for your to explore...most important is these apps are free and already bundle with the energy manager 3.0 that you have purchased.


Want to start to use cloud-based energy manager 3.0 software, click here to purchase from us. Here is demo video for entry learner. Manage with solar energy


Special procurement - During the project needed to souring special components and equipment, we are able to assist in special purchasing. 




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