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Cloud-LED provides STEM educational materials, courses, for students and teachers, and you could tailor-make your activities. We have designed a STEM training programs for teachers with the aim of giving teachers more information on STEM teaching.


Platinum STEM inventors training kit   

- On campus STEM activities (10 sessions)

-  On campus teachers training (2 sessions)

-  Cloud-LED studio basic kit for micro:bit

-  Cloud-LED studio basic kit for Arduino


An interdisciplinary approach to learning that removes traditional barriers separating the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and integrates them into real-world, and relevant learning experience for students. 


Teaching methods: Mix both problem-based approaches and project-based approaches.


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Short courses for teachers to be delivered

Location: Education University (EdUHK)


Short Course 1 (9 hours):

Speaking of the History of Scientists - Experimental Design in STEM Teaching

Scientists such as Volta using chemical batteries in front of the French emperor explained that the battery appeared in history. In STEM teaching, it is very important how to design experiments to express abstract ideas. There is an impression when you see it. You do not have to know the formula in time. You just noticed that the pleasure of science is what educators should pay attention to. How to design under limited resources so that elementary or junior high school can impress scientific demonstration?


Short Course 2 (9 hours):

Speaking of Avatar - STEM and Energy Technology

The magnetic pumice stone in the movie Avatar is impressive, and it's even more important to be able to find better magnetic materials behind it. Magnetic materials can determine how powerful the next generation of motors is and significantly affect energy technology. What else in the STEM is critically related to energy technology, let's explore together.


Short Course 3 (9 hours):

Speaking of a lamp - STEM and smart home

In the end, what is smart home, we can buy some parts online, you can see the living room through the cell phone when the outside, and remote control home appliances, this is actually remote control home, not smart home. Speaking from a lamp to see what is the relationship between STEM and smart home. Is it even possible to create a demo wall at the school's STEM lab?


Short Course 4 (9 hours):

Speaking of Biomimicry - what STEM can teach?

Biomimicry explains that living things and nature are full of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to be explored. Flowers and trees can be our inspiration; insects and beasts come out with their secrets, let us not only together Explore, and look at STEM can teach what?

Short Course 5 (9 hours):

Speaking from nearly ten years of scientific trends - where are STEM and society going?

In the past fifteen years, science has greatly innovated, such as the quantum computer, graphene, and DNA editorial, have greatly affected the social computer technology, energy technology, and life science, in the end, our next generation to go there, STEM education should be if response, let's discuss together.

Why will an eel not electrocute themselves?

Why the body surface of sharks not growing moss?




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