Smart Home & Control Automation

- Safe & secure 

- Sensors for windows

- gas and smoke detection

- IP Intercom

- Management and control


There are many considerations in transform home project to smart home, including the consideration of installation, maintenance, and energy saving. Some project have a central location to install controller and some require minimize the gateway is needed. For maintenance, projects many consider the wireless technologies, comparing Bluetooth, WiFi, and Zigbee. Need to finalized a technology is stable and commonly used in IoT products.  We offer a wide range of products and solutions to run your smart home, smart office and smart hotel.  We provides creative ideas and professional comments for you to plan your projects and stride towards your goals of success.

Ligting Switches  
Automatic Shading - Curtain | Blinds
Universal Remote
Smart Light Bulb Adapter  
In Wall Module - Dimming | On/Off
Dimming LED Driver - 0-10V | Triac

Email your layout in PDF to:




and we will calculate the number of switches for your home. Base on this information, an initial quotation will be prepared for you. It states the number of switch and control points, for example a 3 bedroom and 2 living room flat, about 15 to 25 switches and control point. You could confirm the quotation and we will arrange installation at your suggested date and time.

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Smart home

Energy Saving


Room scenes

Remote control

Schedule timer

Away detection

Smart Control

Apps for you to control home devices with a simple tap, and automate your home to react to your unique preferences. All you need is a smartphone to create a smart home. You can easily monitor and control them from your apps. You can start creating a comfort smart home. All your ceiling fan, electric door, gate and shades, even your stove can be a smart home appliance.