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Q: What is Energy Grader?

A: Energy Grader is a tool to easily quantity your saving potential, giving you a mark between 1 to 100. Comparing your consumption and prices anonymously vs other similar buildings that DEXMA has in its database, worldwide. The user completes a 2 minutes online form, uploading some invoices in many different formats. In returns, the user receives the energy grader report for free. Click here to try in now. 

I wanted to learn more, click here for the video.

Q: What are the advantages of Energy Grader?

- To quickly get insights regarding your energy saving potential.

- To benchmark your electricity consumption vs other similar buildings.

- To benchmark your electricity prices vs peers in your sector.

- To decide if you have to first start negotiating prices or reducing the energy consumption.

- To evaluate your energy efficiency evolution in time.

Q: How the Energy Grader compares your facilities?

- Using tens of thousands of real time monitored facilities.

- Segmenting by activity, surface, weather conditions, facade...

- Adding adjustments in case the facility has some singularities (24 hours activity, photo-voltaic installation, CHP, etc.

- Taking into account the consumption pattern

- In case there are not enough sample population, the energy grader uses other public resources (Energy Star, Eurostat, local database).

Q: How energy meter connect together and data being collect?

A: It use a gateway, typical is DEXGate2 to collect data from almost any kind of meters. 

Click here to see video

Q: Is that Cloud-LED an ESCO?

A: Energy Performance Contract (EPC) for building with certain amount of annual electricity consumption could discuss with us. After project completion, a four years saving and pay back sharing of savings.

Q: Can I use my own energy meter in energy saving?

A: Yes. Click here to know more.

Q: Can I purchase my energy meter in energy saving?

A: Yes. Click here to know more.

Q: I wanted to know international standard in energy saving?

A: Click here.

Q: How could I calculate my ROI?

A: The return on investment is express as:

                            payback years = cost / saving per year,


from this equation, when cost goes down and saving per year goes up is the right direction to have a reasonable good payback, we have carefully source supplier for you and the payback years could usually achieve to 2 year!

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