Vehicle router in

Cloud-based Fleet Management System

Tracking of your moving assets?
Knowing the location of exact place of your moving assets is critical, it improve your operational efficiency by saving time and money. 

performance all-in-one fixed wireless communications platform with advanced software enabling high availability, reliable and secure wireless connectivity for 
The Billion M500 4G/LTE Industrial/In-Vehicle Multi-Carrier Router is 
a high mission-critical application. The compact rugged design integrates dual SIM dual radio, 4-port Gigabit switch, Wi-Fi access point, embedded GPS with a concurrent-multi-GNSS engine for GPS or GLONASS and ignition power control for in-vehicle applications. The M500 is specifically designed to support a wide range of applications and vertical machine-to-machine (M2M) market segments.

High Availability and Network Resilience The M500 is a feature-rich industrial class router coupled with robust network processing and Multi-WAN connectivity, purpose-built for network resilience and
business continuity. The platform support dual SIM and dual LTE radios for carrier redundancy or load balancing between carriers networks. In the event of a connectivity failure of the primary WAN interface, traffic is automatically redirected to the secondary WAN interface. The M500 will also fallback when the primary interface connection is restored. This functionality operates regardless of whether the primary connection is LTE or a wired connection such as fiber, cable or DSL.
Load balancing and traffic prioritization mechanisms can be enabled to enhance failover performance and maximize bandwidth utilization for critical applications delivery.


More information.

- Real-time vehicle status & live alerts

- Visibility of location and movement

- Advanced Fleet Vehicle Report

- Secure cloud-based management web portal

Logistic management

In-vehicle module hardware

Billion M500 

Parameters could be captured

Locations & movement
Fuel remaining (option)
Tyre pressures (option)

Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations,

Solar Power, and Off-Grid Energy Management Systems

  • Capture and Securely Transmits Battery Performance Data

  • Working for both VRLA and Wet Cell Batteries

  • Can be easily installed on UPS, Generator, DC plant, and
    Switchgear Battery systems

  • Critical backup power systems are prepared when needed.

  • Track records deployments in the U.S., China, Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Automatic Warning Notification Speeds Up Battery Maintenance and Detects Abnormal Energy Consumption Patterns

- Voltage: total voltage, voltages of individual cells, minimum and maximum cell voltage or voltage of periodic taps
- Temperature: average temperature, coolant intake temperature, coolant output temperature, or temperatures of individual cells
- State of charge (SOC) or depth of discharge (DOD): to indicate the charge level of the battery
- State of health (SOH), a variously-defined measurement of the overall condition of the battery
- Current: current in or out of the battery

Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Station


ZigBee SG3010-iCB can be installed at each EV charger to collect and transform the energy consumption into digital data, then send all these data to the customer EV charging management system via the ZigBee gateway. The station manager not only can grasp the consumption data in real-time but also to remotely switch the Chargers on and off to control
electricity flows.

For an outdoor festival event, you restaurant have instant PoS Setup for Credit Card Access by 4G LTE outdoor router. The PoS system set up an internet connection and establish VPN connection with a central business unit.


Securely data communication


- Ethernet +GRE

- IPv6