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A smart home project is meeting the needs on STEM education, there are many stimulating topics for students. They needed to think like a little engineer to solve a problem. There are many challenging problems leading to advance technologies including sensors, IoT, programming techniques. They will discover science and technology are closely related to their everyday life. We support school activities in workshops on smart home and energy saving. Students explore new ideas and inspire through problem-solving and teamwork. Our trainer offer train on campus. Why plan STEM teaching yourself, talk to us your STEM teaching idea, let us consider from purchase, design, organize, implement STEM activities. We could integrate and reorganize your existing teaching materials to suit particular STEM topic, enrich with laboratory design, prepare materials.




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Quick quotation description method:


e.g. B1U x 15: category B, topic 1, unplug activity, order total 15 sets


e.g. A5P x 12: category A, topic 5, plug activity, order total 12 sets


e.g. C1U x 2: category C, topic 1, unplug activity, order total 2 sets


We need your activities date, number of students, and activity location's facilities.





6 session school activities, build an analog sound storage medium player including loudspeakers, audio amplifier, and record engine. 

Record player

Desing and build an automatic watering system, LED plant lighting and final assembly of automatic planting.

Planting system

Build a 3x3 color LEDs light cube and power by USB, control the lighting patterns by design.

Color light cube

A math session use clips, paper, scissors to play and learn maths.

Demonstrative Maths

3 sessions of Python workshop to interact with micro:bit.

Micro:bit control by Python

12 workshops by using sensors with actuators to make some smart home projects.

Arduino Maker

By using metal foil, LEDs, card paper to make seasonal cards.

Seasonal card making

5 sessions workshop use a gyro, stepping motor driver, WiFi to construct a balancing robot, and use a remote control to control it.

Arduino balancing robot

With copper coil, battery, and magnets to build small electric car.

Small electric car

2 sessions workshop to build a code lock with a servo motor.

Code lock

Millions of color could be mix by three basic colors (red, green and blue), let's do it.

Color mixing

10 sessions workshop to build a delta motor robot arm.

Delta motor arm

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