Executive Summary

Cloud-LED is a start-up establishment located in Hong Kong. Cloud-LED delivers energy saving products and services by a variety of IoT products. The company building a strong market position in the city. CLOUD-LED aims to offer its products at un-comparable values to meet the demand of the IoT energy saving market area in smart buildings.

The Company
CLOUD-LED is incorporated in Hong Kong. Initially is owned by its two partners. Mr. Silas Hung has extensive experience in technology, and management, and is now a director. Mr. Crispin Kwok brings experience in the area of sales and marketing. 

Products and Services
CLOUD-LED offers a broad range of IoT energy saving products and services. CLOUD-LED caters to all of its customers by providing each customer reliable products and services made to suit the customer, down to the smallest detail.


The Market
The smart energy services in buildings in Hong Kong have recently experienced rapid growth. The cloud-based products need to stimulate consumption of IoT in a smart building. CLOUD-LED establishing a customer base, and will, therefore, concentrate its business and marketing on smart energy, which will be the dominant target market. This will establish a healthy, consistent revenue base to ensure the stability of the business. In addition, smart living is expected to comprise approximately 60% of the revenues. High visibility and competitive products and service are critical to this segment of the market.

Our Partners
CLOUD-LED partner with Billion, DEXMA and Starwise in the energy saving and smart lighting market. We continuous bring values for our customers.