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in Slim Down your building's
Energy Consumption

Cloud-LED Metering System

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Reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprints!

Energy saving

Reduce your bills and your Carbon Footprints !

 Encourage the project of 
Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction

Monitor Energy Consumption 

Collect and Analysis Data 

Use Energy Saving Product 

We Specialise

Metering system covering both fiscal and sub meters at all kinds of sites, commercial or industrial, large or small.

Our team starts by surveying your site or sites and working with you to create a cost-effective proposal. If you have meters already in place, we work out how to read them automatically. If you need new meters for electricity, gas, water or anything else, we install them.

We work out the best solution for the Data Acquisition Element of the System. We cover LAN-based networking, RF links, GPRS and MODBUS/TCP.

A New Energy Saving

Solutions delivers.