How to measure electric current over 300 Ampere

In electrical switch room of the building, each floor and unit, you may needed to install energy meters. For electrical current over 300A, it needs to use Current Transformer (CT) for electric current over 300 A. For example, there is an electrical cable with electrical current range from 0 to 580A, not exceeding 600 A. Typically, you may choose a CT ratio 600:5, which is a current transformer 600A to 5A, which will step down the 0 to 600A current to 0 to 5A range. The primary coil of the current current transformer connected to the cable to-be-measured, we recommend use a split type core CT for fast and more easy installation, the secondary coil of this current transformer could use an electrical wire to connect as a loop wire. It may then use a second CT, the secondary coil of CT couple the current to the CT of the energy meter.  For measurement on single phase electrical circuit, it could use Billion SG3015 meter, and for measurement on a three phase electrical circuit, we will use Billion SG3030 meter.  

Billion SG3030 include the energy meter and together with 3 pieces of current transformers pre-wired, customers may choose 100A, 200A or 300A. For electrical current to-be-measured over 300A, a current transformer is needed to step down the electrical current.

Billion SG3030 is a Zigbee energy meter, it transmits the measured data through a Zigbee to the cloud or computer. Customers usually use SG6200 or SG6300 to received data.

For Single phase electrical circuit, Billion SG3015 has better performance to price ratio.