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Cloud-LED is an Energy-Efficient Consulting Service provider based in Hong Kong. We work with you to integrate Energy Saving Project within time frames so that you may reap the benefit as early as possible:


  • Identify the Scope of Energy Efficient 

  • Measure & Verify Energy Usage to Improve

  • Reap the Benefit of Money Save 


Real-time Cloud-Based Meter Presents your Organisation's Energy and Carbon Performance, and Renewables Contribution in a High-Quality Display Designed to both Captivate and Inform. It's a fully integrated Internet-based package that provides Real-Time Energy Monitoring, takes care of reading the Meters, Configuring the Data and Presenting it via High-Resolution Graphics.

Real-time Carbon Reduction Monitor Attracts the viewer's attention and the carefully Designed Screens show much more than simply Display an Instantaneous Meter Reading.

This Energy Monitoring Software Includes Advanced setup options including Virtual Metering and Meter aggregation to ensure that each Display is accurately tailored to show Real Performance at organizational, Building or Department/ Process Level.

Real-time Carbon Reduction Monitor Offers Several Different Presentations including Individual Sector Performance Screens and a Comparison Screen Displaying Multiple Sectors simultaneously for an Instant 'League Table' Appraisal of Performance. Sector Screens offer a choice of Half-Hour, Day, Week or Multi-Location chart presentations, all updating in real time, and all complemented by a Real Time Gauge.

Additional Features Include a Programmable Performance indicator Referencing Current Performance to a User-Defined Benchmark or Rolling Maximum Demand.

Cloud-based Monitoring of Energy Use

Let us plan for you to improve your energy savings.


We :

  • Plan

  • Implement

  • Measure and Verify to Save Energy Leading Money Save

Energy Saving Design


We assist you to Install Power Meters and Identify the Energy Use NO Matter your restaurant or different office distributed how many different locations.


After a Time Period of Monitoring, area on improve will identify for you.

Design Development


  • Refinement of Design

  • Client Reviewed and Approved Design Refined

  • Cloud-Based Monitoring of Energy Performance

  • Implement of Energy Saving Scheme to Save your Money


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