Dynamic Glass

Smart window by using Switchable glass

To allow light enter or rearrange to block unwanted light

The translucency state enable by an electronic circuit with extremely small power consumption in the operation


The benefits of smart windows :


Redirect unwanted light
Translucency state: Privacy
Easy clean
Exceptional design possibilities
A different pattern in blind effect could
save up to 30% energy

Control light, heat, and energy use

Indoor meeting use smart view dynamic glass

It is tough, thermally durable and displays enabling
Detects the sun locus to adjust optimal sunlight entering the building
Reduce Heat
from sunlight for saving energy in less use of air conditioning

It could be use in meeting room glass wall that increase privacy during meeting by switch in to non-transparent state, and when the meeting room is available and empty, it switch back to a glass-like transparent to show the space is available.

The supplier is ready to tailor made the glass in different size as shown below.

Standard Size

Size Maximum Size (Unit in mm)


Thickness                  Maximum Size per panel

  9 (4+4)                              1200 x 1800

 11(5+5)                              2200 x 1800

 13(6+6)                              2800 x 1800

 17(8+8)                              3000 x 1800


The size of glass could tailor 

It consumes Extreme Small Power, because it is a Electric Field Control device, the media is operate by Electric Field and no electrical current pass through the optical media itself. 


Please give us the required size of glass, or we tailered for you.
Welcome to take order and it will arrange shipment to you upon request. 

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