Wireless Smart Lighting

You could start a smart home control through your mobile phone

Smart ZigBee Lighting Control Box

Billion SG200 is an indoor smart lighting solution designed to deploy at commercial offices
 and factories for remote lighting controls. When SG200 is connected to a dimmable indoor LED driver, SG200 can perform dimming and control lighting on/off through a Billion's provided smart energy gateway. Base on Billion’s API, the lighting system integrators can remotely control lighting either via BEsmart APP or integrate into their lighting software on PC, Smartphone or cloud-based to pair with Billion's SG200 and smart meters. The smart lighting control box is a ZigBee wireless corresponding solution that can reduce the extra wiring and installation costs.

The SG200 supports a universal range of AC input (AC 100~277V), which can correspond
to worldwide power environments. The SG200 also supports power on/off control feature,
supporting up to maximum 277VAC 10A (N.C) load. SG200 is also embedded with a built-in
four channels of dimming function supporting DC 0~10V dimming output. SG200 utilizes DI
(Digital Input) and DO (Digital Output) to provide additional applications for a lighting
system. The DI can connect to motion sensors or lighting sensors, and can interact with the
sensors via the DO port. DO can trigger other pre-defined sensors, such as like alarm
sensor, to enable instant alerting.

Flexible API Supports Extensive Application Developments
Billion Smart Energy Gateway (SG6200NXL or SG600 R2) are integrated with scalable
IP-based API. Through the received API, the smart energy gateway can control SG200
automatically, allowing system integrators to develop their backend software system on
Billion's hardware platform.


Digital Input and Digital Output Proving Value-Added Automation
The DI/DO feature of SG200 is flexible for providing a variety of applications to meet the
customer needs. For example, if a warehouse is empty, the lights in this warehouse should
be off to save energy. In this application, the SG200’s DI can connect to a motion sensor
detecting human activities. SG200 then can automatically turn the lights on/off based on
the environmental variables. To enhance security, SG200’s DO can connect to a buzzer,
and when the motion sensors detect human activities outside of the operational hours,
SG200 can trigger the buzzer to deliver instant alarms. By providing reliable SG200’s
DI/DO, the customer can easily integrate this state-of-art device to create a broad range of
value-added applications.


Convenient Setup and Easy Installation
SG200 ZigBee Lighting Control Box is a compact device embedded with AC and dimming
terminals. The device is easy for installers to providing wiring and setup services. The only
thing that needs to be done is to plug-in an AC power cable and a lighting power cable to the
quick install terminals of SG200. SG200 will support automatic allocation with Billion Smart
Energy Gateway when triggering the pairing function on the smart gateway. The LED
indicator on the front panel is for the customer to understand the communication and the
relay status.


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